Growth charts are designed to chronicle a child’s progressive development.   My design concept was to enhance the charts with a timeless appeal, especially for the child, by painting in the elements which I thought would best reflect favorite childhood pastimes of a girl or boy.

My growth charts are made of high quality cotton canvas and digitally printed by a Giclee process.  This high-resolution method of reproduction involves printing from a digital file of my original art work using odorless acrylic inks and finishing with museum-grade varnish.  All materials are eco-friendly.   The size is 12” W x 50”L, includes wooden dowels top and bottom, and hangs from decorative cording.   Several skin tones are available to reflect particular ethnicity.

You can insert a mirror or proportionately-sized photo of child’s face in the back pocket for display in the cut out area as indicated.  I recommend using a “Sanford Sharpie” permanent marker to record your info on the chart. To accurately measure, hang with the 24” calibration mark exactly 24” from the floor.

Price of each chart is $110.00.  There is no charge for personalization with a single name.  Sparkles and “jewels” can be added at a slightly extra charge.  Charts are usually available in 10-14 days. An extra charge applies for shipping, handling and insurance.  Payment by check, money order or PayPal must accompany the order.


Growth Chart for a Girl

Growth Chart for a Boy

Boys Growth Chart